NCS Concept

Invented when the shop first opened (1995) by its founder Raymond Corbaz, the NCS concept of “sports podology” applied to running is a philosophy built upon experience and dialogue with runners of all levels, and as a result has developed continuously over the years.

The concept is based on the widespread finding that 80% of walking and running-related pains and injuries are due simply to the wrong choice of footwear, or incorrect advice at the time footwear was purchased.

The idea is therefore to develop and strengthen the often remote link between sports medicine and the sports shoe industry.

Between the two there is now NCS, whose staff – trained in foot and stride analysis – are informed connoisseurs of the specific features of sports shoes available on the market.

Acting as a bridge between these two worlds, NCS works in constant collaboration both with health professionals (podologists, orthopaedic technicians, orthopaedists, etc) and sports shoe manufacturers (specialist firms and brands).